Adam C.

Lisette has helped me with multiple mortgages and made my even more difficult one easy for me to navigate. I've had several mortgages, and the process has never been something I've enjoyed. I found Lisette completely by accident when I needed to refinance my home during a divorce. She went the extra mile to make sure everything was correct and that I knew what to expect, essentially saving my home that I wasn't sure I would be able to afford to keep. Not only was I able to keep my house, but I shortened my loan terms in the process, and she made it really easy for me. Normally, I'd never even open an email or answer a call from a lender, but less than a year later, I received a call from her. I answered expecting just a follow-up and to see how I was doing, then she offered to save me A LOT of money on my mortgage and delivered. I've never had a better experience with the lending process, and I definitely recommend her services.